Your Virtual Marketing Director

What if you could have a high-performing Marketing Director without the Marketing Director payroll?

Be Your Own High Performing Marketing DirectorEvery company could use a seasoned marketing pro on their team. But most companies either don’t need that expertise full time or they can’t afford the level of talent they really want.

So how about a VIRTUAL marketing director? For $1,500 a month – usually a three- to five-month engagement – you can have instant access to revenue-building ideas and recommendations.

Here’s a chance to get your marketing on track without the serious overhead of an FTE.

This is what you can expect:

  1. We’ll meet each week for 45 minutes at an agreed-upon time via a “net meeting” to discuss your marketing challenges and talk about solutions that make sense for your business.
  2. The focus will be to help you Get More Customers, Keep More Customers, Grow Revenues When Your Customers Talk.  
  3. Each week we’ll move your marketing toward maximizing ROI. Perhaps your biggest need is generating better prospects … or maybe you need ideas that can be implemented that will keep customers coming back to buy more. The benefit of our relationship is that it’s flexible and aligned specifically to your needs.
  4. You’ll get practical recommendations and solutions to improve your business.

And if you need an answer or have an issue between our meetings … no problem. Just email me and I’ll respond timely, and with specific feedback.

Writing content, graphic design, updating websites, etc., are not part of the monthly fee. But, we can provide a full slate of tactical services, but these are separate from and in addition to monthly fee.

This is a value-driven proposition. I’m a variable cost … when I go, I leave behind the solutions, reduced costs and accelerated revenues.

I assume that if you’ve read this much, you must be interested. Give me a call and let’s talk about what you need and if I’m a fit for your enterprise. Craig Barnes; 314-282-8757,

After 30+ years of assisting businesses of all sizes generate revenue through on-target marketing solutions, I’m eager to talk with you about YOUR business.