What’s Your Business’ Story


I love telling stories. I love listening to stories.  And the question I always ask a new client is, “What’s your story?”    

Small and medium size business owners are generally passionate about their enterprise, but not-so-surprisingly, find it a challenge to tell you their story.  Sure, they can tell you how long they’ve been in business … the product they produce or service offered … whether sales are up or down. It’s all good information, but it’s not “the story.”

Every business needs to find a way to weave together the reasons their business exists, the benefits of their product or service, and all in a way that creates an emotional connection with the customer … a good story comes from and appeals to the “right side” of the brain … you know the creative side.

Having difficulty crafting your story? Here’s a guaranteed way to jump-start your effort.  Visit with a handful of your key customers.  Listen to what they have to say about your product or service. Their language and descriptions can become part of your marketing language … the basis of your story.

As a small or medium size business, you have an immediate advantage over larger competitors … you are closer to your story, it’s easier to uncover the roots of how your product or service changes a client’s life, their experiences … and why choosing your company over another was the best decision they made.

And as your story unfolds to potential customers, make sure it ends with asking them to become part of your story.


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