Jean Whatley

Craig introduced us to a highly organized and successful lead nurturing and reengagement program that was responsible for generating almost 20% of our seven figure monthly revenues. He and his team developed and implemented the program, squeezing every bit of revenue out of leads that we thought had turned to ice. … [Read more...]

Tom Kelly

Craig is the ideal business partner. Strategic. Engaged. Results- Driven. Craig directed the efforts to establish our brand across multiple markets. In addition, he developed direct response strategies and campaigns for our individual insurance and Medicare Advantage product offerings. … [Read more...]

Stan Hogrebe

Craig translates his "big-business" experience into practical strategies and recommendations that move the needle for small businesses like ours. He implemented a customer and prospect engagement program for our SPECKfinder division that delivered sales and additional opportunities. … [Read more...]

Kevin Laury President

As we expand our operations across multiple markets, Craig continues to provide recommendations and execute revenue-building marketing programs. Not only does he understand our business, he understands business. And that’s rare and valued. … [Read more...]