Accelerate Profits – Don’t Just Hunt … Nurture Customers.

Own a small or medium size business?  If so, what's the balance of your sales and marketing efforts?  Do you spend more time and resources to "get customers" than on any other aspect? It's easy to overlook your most loyal clients and customers - the 30 percent who purchase with greater frequency and generate the most profit.  Hopefully, you're able to identify specifically who those valuable customers and clients are. Hunting for new customers is vital to any business - small ... medium ... or large. But it may be worth examining your current … [Read more...]

Get Rid of Your Customer Satisfaction Policy

  Do you have a "customer satisfaction" policy?  If so, announce that you are ending it immediately. Replace it with a "customer love" policy.  Today, no company - regardless of its product or service - can afford to keep merely satisfied customers or clients. Your marketing costs are lowered dramatically when your customers love you.  They'll tell others and you're on your way to higher margins. I know it seems so simple, but unless you have a strategy in place that makes "customer love" a core job responsibility of each and every … [Read more...]