Super Bowl Power Outage – What’s The Lesson For Small Business?


There’s plenty of talk today about yesterday’s Super Bowl commercials …  which one was the best, the worst, funniest, etc.  I say we should be talking about the power outage. Why?  It offers a valuable business lesson.

Super Bowl Power Outage

Courtesy USA Today

If you’re a small or medium size business owner/operator, what would you do if suddenly, the lights went out?  (Of course I’m speaking metaphorically.)  Think about it. What could be your Super Bowl power outage?

  • Your top producing sales person takes another position
  • A water pipe bursts over the weekend and floods your office  
  • Two of your four service vehicles are vandalized overnight and need extensive repairs
  • A key supplier shuts down unexpectedly

You get the idea. If an event, choreographed as carefully as the Super Bowl can be thrown into a potential disaster, it can happen to any of us.

It was interesting to witness the response.  Twitter “blew up” with conjecture, snarky remarks, true concern.  Posts were popping up all over Facebook. And then there was what I saw from the broadcast.

  • Coaches were gathering their teams together … keeping them focused, reminding them to stretch and stay limber.  
  • CBS quickly getting sideline reporters and their pregame and post-game commentators on the air to assure viewers it was just a power outage and nothing more sinister, and to fill the void of the play-by-play booth that was  rendered out of service because of the outage.
  • NFL officials were talking at field level with coaches and other personnel.  

The reaction was to keep everything moving forward … teams retaining their mental and physical edge, CBS protecting advertisers by engaging the audience with information and update along with reviews of key plays, and NFL officials keeping everyone informed about what was being done and an ETA for resuming play.

In our own businesses, we have the responsibility to be prepared and respond with leadership, confidence and a willingness to do what it takes to keep the enterprise moving forward when the unexpected occurs.  This applies to every aspect of the business; from sales and marketing, production, service … every department.  Customers and employees are counting on us.  

I’m sure you meet such challenges every day, but some days present a whole new level of …. “what JUST  happened.”  Be ready.


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