Are You Asking Yourself These Kinds of Questions?

Solutions - Problem Solving

  • Why isn’t my marketing and/or advertising producing prospects?
  • What is the real cost for us to develop a lead … then convert it into a customer?
  • Is my website delivering prospects to us each and every day?
  • Do my employees understand that customer service is everyone’s job?
  • What do we need to do to make sure our customers can’t help but rave about us?
  • How can social media grow my business?

If you own or operate a small or medium-size company that needs expert advice and wants maximum return on every dollar, here’s a range of solutions I can deliver to you at a cost that makes sense for your business: 

  • Developing a customer “get • keep • grow” strategy
    • Who are your best customers, what do they look like and how do we find more? Once we find them, what are the strategies to keep and grow them into high-value, high-loyalty customers?
  • Lead generation strategies & programs
    • Developing metrics to establish thresholds for cost-per-lead, defining the call to action, the offer … and identifying what channels should be used to drive leads.
  • Prospect touch-point strategies and programs
    • What is the process, how and how often do prospects and current customers need to hear from you? What is being said, why they should respond?
  • Lead nurturing programs
    • These can be email, snail-mail, calling programs executed based on the prospect touch-point strategy.
  • Lead reengagement strategies & programs
    • Maximizing marketing ROI requires reaching back to those leads that may have grown cold, or inactive for a period of time. Organized programs to systematically reach back and motivate action is the key.
  • Turning web sites from information centers into profit centers
    • As a 24/7 open door to your business, your website should be working for you by becoming a lead-capturing machine. And a “contact us” form is not the answer. You need to motivate prospective customers to share their contact information. List building has great revenue potential
  • Aligning the sales process with the marketing process
    • What is being used, what is being said to prospects? Does it match what marketing is promising? Is marketing driving sales, or do sales drive marketing?
  • Shaping the customer experience
    • If you’re a retail business, what do customers see and feel the minute they open the door and come in? For B2B efforts, how are customers treated by every person they come into contact within your company? Is your accounts receivable function as equipped as your front-line sales staff with the company doctrine of how customers are treated?