Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Valentine's Day is a reminder to ask yourself this question. "Do our customers/clients love us?"  Today's a good day to answer a few questions about your business.  1. Are you delivering real value and a experience worthy of customers recommending you to others? 2. Have you mapped out every customer touch point? 3. Do those responsible for those touch points have a clear understanding of their role in driving customer satisfaction? 4. How do you measure customer satisfaction? 5. When was the last time that you as an owner or operator talked … [Read more...]

The Customer’s Experience Begins With …

I was meeting with a group of other business owners earlier this week and the topic of customer experience came up. The discussion centered on how to manage it for best outcomes. Various ideas were tossed about. Some said they charged their operations staff with the responsibility. One person said it was part of his sales manager’s duties. A side discussion broke out about the value of customer satisfaction surveys and whether you could rely on the results. I was purposely listening more than talking. Lord knows there were plenty of opinions … [Read more...]