Vein Centers for Excellence

Web Site Template – Lead Generation 

Vein Centers for Excellence wanted a flexible Web template that could be personalized and localized  for each office licensing their brand.  

As core component of a suite of marketing tools and services, the Web template was positioned as a primary lead-generation tool. 

MGA designed, wrote and developed a template that supported the brand pillars and allowed each office to customize offers that drove lead generation. 

Vein Centers for Excellence

Email Lead Re-engagement Program

Because consumers make buying decisions at different times for different reasons, realizing maximum ROI on lead generation requires that you maintain top-of-mind awareness among those who responded initially to an offer, but did not buy.

MGA manages ongoing email lead re-engagement programs like this one for Vein Centers of Excellence of Kansas City. The “drip” campaign reminds prospective patients about the benefits of treatment. Special “one off” offers are also integrated into the ongoing effort.