Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Valentine's Day is a reminder to ask yourself this question. "Do our customers/clients love us?"  Today's a good day to answer a few questions about your business.  1. Are you delivering real value and a experience worthy of customers recommending you to others? 2. Have you mapped out every customer touch point? 3. Do those responsible for those touch points have a clear understanding of their role in driving customer satisfaction? 4. How do you measure customer satisfaction? 5. When was the last time that you as an owner or operator talked … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Power Outage – What’s The Lesson For Small Business?

There's plenty of talk today about yesterday's Super Bowl commercials ...  which one was the best, the worst, funniest, etc.  I say we should be talking about the power outage. Why?  It offers a valuable business lesson. If you're a small or medium size business owner/operator, what would you do if suddenly, the lights went out?  (Of course I'm speaking metaphorically.)  Think about it. What could be your Super Bowl power outage? Your top producing sales person takes another position A water pipe bursts over the weekend and floods your … [Read more...]

What’s Your Business’ Story

I love telling stories. I love listening to stories.  And the question I always ask a new client is, “What’s your story?”     Small and medium size business owners are generally passionate about their enterprise, but not-so-surprisingly, find it a challenge to tell you their story.  Sure, they can tell you how long they’ve been in business … the product they produce or service offered … whether sales are up or down. It’s all good information, but it’s not “the story.” Every business needs to find a way to weave together the reasons their … [Read more...]

Accelerate Profits – Don’t Just Hunt … Nurture Customers.

Own a small or medium size business?  If so, what's the balance of your sales and marketing efforts?  Do you spend more time and resources to "get customers" than on any other aspect? It's easy to overlook your most loyal clients and customers - the 30 percent who purchase with greater frequency and generate the most profit.  Hopefully, you're able to identify specifically who those valuable customers and clients are. Hunting for new customers is vital to any business - small ... medium ... or large. But it may be worth examining your current … [Read more...]