Are You Nurturing Your Prospects?


Do you know this old parable?  A man has a large boulder in his back yard, and every day he goes out a hits it with a sledgehammer in a effort to reduce it to ruble so that it can be removed. Each day he hits it one time. This goes on for a year. And on the last day of the year, he swings the sledgehammer, and it cracks and crumbles in to a million small pieces.

The question is: Was it the last strike of the hammer that cracked and crumbled the boulder, or was it the result of the man’s daily efforts?

If you’re not converting as many prospects into customers as you would like, chances are you are not going out back and paying attention that that boulder.

Having a prospect/lead nurturing program is essential to reducing sales costs and increasing profits.

Companies with organized, systematic programs to reach back to leads are the companies who enjoy an above average conversion rate.

It takes constant attention.

Leads convert at different times for different reasons. And if’ you’re not staying in contact with your leads, engaging them in value-based conversations, then you are short-changing your efforts.

You’ve  paid to develop the the lead/propsect. Leverage that spend and increase your marketing your ROI.

(Image courtesy of Corbis)


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