Accelerate Your Revenues

Arrow on Bar GraphicThree Things Every Business Must Do To Grow Revenues

If you’re a business owner or charged with running a business, you know that long-term profitablity is dependent on your efforts to:

  1. Get more quality customers
  2. Keep those customers coming back to buy more
  3. Grow your revenues by having customers recommend your product of service to others


It’s just that simple … but, rarely easy. If you’re struggling with one, two or all three of these challenges, there is an answer. 

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Customers Lining Up for Your ServicesGet More Customers

Let’s face it, you walk in every day knowing the importance of customers. But, the challenge is to get more customers as efficiently as possible … right?

Do you know how much it costs your company to get more customers? What’s the average life-time value of a customer? How much should you spend to get a customer?

Here’s a three-step process to acquiring more customers:


  1. Identify prospects that look like your best customers.
  2. Establish an acceptable cost-per-lead.
  3. Understand your conversion ratio and the cost to convert a lead into a customer.

Drive More Sales from Current CustomersKeep More Customers

The cost-per-sale is lowered dramatically when your current customers buy more. But, you know that.



Driving more sales from current customers requires building loyalty through exceptional customer service, delivering value and maintaining a productive dialogue with customers.

Does everyone in your company understand that they have a role in keeping your customers? What are you doing to let your customers know how much you appreciate their business … do you have regular contact with them; even if it just to say “hello”?

Customers will buy more if you give them a reason to do so. But, it can’t be all about you. Add value to the relationship. Provide them with information and ideas that improves their business.

Grow Revenue When Customers TalkGrow Revenues When Customers Talk

The cheapest form of marketing is having your customers recommend your services or products to others. Always has been, and always will be the most efficient sale you’ll ever make.

What does your company do to ensure that customers have a reason to tell others about you? How do you measure satisfaction? How do you listen? Do you listen?

Loyalty generates profits. Understanding your customer base and the percentage that are high value, high loyalty is critical to moving others into that group.

Maintain engagement, develop a productive dialogue with customers … that is the key to a profitable relationship.

How would you describe your loyalty program?

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