Accelerate Profits – Don’t Just Hunt … Nurture Customers.


Customer NurturingOwn a small or medium size business?  If so, what’s the balance of your sales and marketing efforts?  Do you spend more time and resources to “get customers” than on any other aspect?

It’s easy to overlook your most loyal clients and customers – the 30 percent who purchase with greater frequency and generate the most profit.  Hopefully, you’re able to identify specifically who those valuable customers and clients are.

Hunting for new customers is vital to any business – small … medium … or large. But it may be worth examining your current efforts to “keep customers.”  

Who has the responsibility to ensure that customers know how much they’re valued by your company?  It should be everyone within your organization, but someone needs to lead the effort … both by example and by executing defined programs.  And they don’t have to be elaborate.  

Start small.  If you don’t have a regular e-newsletter that provides value add information to your customers, make the commitment to a monthly publication. Or why not allocate some of your budget to nurture your best customers with a special and exclusive “VIP Thank You” event.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, do something for your customers to let them know you appreciate their business and they’ll do a lot of  your marketing for you. 


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